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"International Children's Congress"

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for the International Drawing Contest

"Winter palette"

The International Children Drawing Contest "Winter Palette" is a regular contest from the "Seasons" cycle, which is held by the ANO "World of Arts II" within the framework of the UNESCO Club "International Children's Congress", with the support of the Faculty of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University and "The Union of artists of Russia" VTOO.


The project is carried out with the aim of identifying and supporting talented, artistically gifted children, popularizing the fine arts among children and youth.

Contest organizer: ANO "World of Arts II"

Participation form: Online.

Applications are filled out on the official website: www.мир-искусств-два.рф

​Contest stages:


Stage 1 (online) – Acceptance of works (from December 21 to February 10, 2021)

Stage 2 (online) – The jury deliberate (from February 10 to February 28, 2021)

Stage 3 (online) – Awarding of winners and laureates on March 1, 2021

​The winners in three different age categories will be determined by a professional jury.


Chairman of the contest committee - Honored Artist of Russia, full member of the Russian Academy of Arts, designer and fashion designer - Irina Vladimirovna Krutikova.


Contestants: children from 5 to 17 years


The contest is held in 3 age categories:

from 5 to 9 years old

from 10 to 14 years old

from 14 to 17 years old

​​The terms of participation:

  1. The number of submitted works from one participant is not limited.

  2. Application for participation is submitted on the website www.мир-искусств-два.рф, by filling out the participant's questionnaire (approved form). You must attach a file with the contest work to the Application Form. For each competitive work, a separate application must be filled out.

  3. Participation in the contest costs 200 (two hundred) rubles per work. Payment is made on the website of the Organizing Committee immediately after filling out the application.

  4. Upon admission of work to the contest, the participant receives an information letter. If the participation form is completed and the work has been sent, but the information letter has not been received, you need to contact the Organizing Committee of the contest by phone at: +7 (999) 5227652.

  5. The works will be accepted only during the period indicated in this Regulation: from December 21, 2020 to February 10, 2021.

  6. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to reconsideration.

  7. The works of the participants will be posted on the official website www.мир-искусств-два.рф, the works of the winners and laureates will be posted on the official Instagram account of the International Children's Congress.



  1. The title of the work and the content must correspond to the subject of the contest.

  2. The work must be made by the participants themselves!

  3. The drawings must be scanned in high resolution and annotated correctly.

Annotation specifications:

​The work must be annotated as follows:

Participant age_Name_Surname_City_Name_of_the_Work

Example: 5_Anna_Ivanova_Penza_Winter_sleep


Rewarding and prize fund:

Winners of the Grand Prix and Laureates of the I, II and III degrees will be determined in each age category.


All participants who are not among the winners of the contest will receive personalized diplomas (for participation in the contest).


For Grand Prix winners, individual master classes from members of the jury, teachers and students of the Faculty of Arts of Lomonosov Moscow State University will be provided, as well as invitations to participate in the "International Children's Congress" in 2021.

​​Winners of the Grand Prix will take part in an additional round in the contests from the "Seasons" cycle, by doing a work on a special topic. The winner will become the owner of the Super Grand Prix and receive a grant of 50,000 (fifty thousand) rubles.

IMPORTANT!!! The winners of the “Autumn Palette” (15.10.20 - 01.12.20) will also take part in an additional round of the contest from the “Seasons” cycle.


The outcome of the "Autumn Palette", "Winter Palette", "Spring Palette" and "Summer Palette" contests from the "Seasons" cycle (from 10/15/20 to 09/01/21, then annually) will be the release of the UNESCO Club “International Children's Congress” almanac with the works of the winners and laureates of the specified cycle of contests. The publication will also highlight the art schools and studios in which the winners and laureates studied.


Heads of art schools and studios where the winners and laureates studied, will receive a copy of the almanac as a gift.

By agreeing and accepting the Terms and Conditions of the contest, you also confirm that you are familiar with the Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms of the Offer Agreement.


Organizing committee

"International Children's Congress", UNESCO Club



Project Manager of ANO "WORLD OF ARTS - II" Valeriy Temnov